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Crossovr Features

We are the 1st Grassroot Basketball Development App aspiring to connect all players to basketball stakeholders.

View performance

View and monitor your performance every after game. Your Stats will be uploaded directly to your profile.

Earn Badges

Every milestones reached allows users to earn badges which increases as you go along your basketball journey.


Exchange Points

Earn and exchange your crossover points to different basketball sports apparel.

Select Program

Browse active tournaments, create or join teams, and train with the experts.


Quick Access

Crossovr is commited to empower and develop talents from the grassroots. Thus we created an app which enables all basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life to converge in ONE venue. A Basketball Community closely knitted in ONE Handheld App. So create your account Now. Your Basketball Journey awaits!

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Signing up and creating an account is just a breeze. Just complete 3 easy steps to personalize your account and you are all set to experience a one of a kind app for all basketball enthusiasts.

CrossCore ™

CrossCore is an application created to automate basketball statistics collection. Making the process of data collection faster and more accurate. Gone are the days of Manual Statistics Collection.


See play-by-play view of the game as it happens, as well as enable teams to monitor current team stats such as fouls, TOL, and many more.


Automated prompts within the APP interface to facilitate precise operational paths so as to minimize errors and enable a more accurate stats recording.


Minimizes required committee manpower to facilitate basketball games.